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Anti-Lost Pet Cat Collar

Anti-Lost Pet Cat Collar

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**Introducing the Perfect Pet Tracker Collar for Apple AirTags!**

**Product Details:**

- Specifically designed for Apple AirTags location tracker.
- Size: Fits pet necks 22-32 cm.
- Materials: Nylon with reflective coating collar, PU leather AirTag case.
- Protects your device from scratches, bumps, and damages.
- Multi-color options available to suit your style and preferences.

**Package Includes:**
1 x Protective Collar

**Key Features:**

1. **Enhanced Pet Safety:** Securely attach your AirTag to your pet's collar for easy tracking and peace of mind. 
2. **Optimal Fit and Comfort:** Adjustable collar ensures a snug yet comfortable fit without posing any risk of strangulation, specially designed for cats.
3. **Reflective Design:** Stay visible at night with the reflective coating, ensuring safer travels for your furry friend.
4. **Easy Retrieval:** Improve the chances of pet retrieval in case they wander off. The collar firmly fixes the AirTag, keeping it in place even during vigorous movement.


- We guarantee a hassle-free experience. If your product arrives damaged, we'll refund your money or send a replacement free of charge.
- Not satisfied with the fit or design? Return it within 7 days for a full refund or exchange.
- In case of non-delivery within 60 days, we'll issue a full refund.
- Our customer service team is here to assist you promptly, even across different time zones.

*Please note: AirTag tracker is NOT included. Collar with bell and protective case ONLY.*

Ensure your pet's safety and style with our Perfect Pet Tracker Collar for Apple AirTags. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry companion is always within reach!

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