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Mini Tiger Goods

Training Teddy Handy Gadget Pet

Training Teddy Handy Gadget Pet

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Brand: Mini Tiger Goods


Item No.: 16WA1700

Applicable pet category: Neutral


Zoo sounding Stuffed toys
monkey deer waiting for you to choose
cute style
BIU BIU BIU can also sound....

Product Name material style size design features
sounding Stuffed toys stuffed giraffe, crocodile, Monkey 21*11cm sound + animal shape    
all are measured manually, there will be an error of about 2-3cm ~


zoo sounding Stuffed toys

time is just right, let's have fun together ~ in this spring

stuffed sound, you are happy, so I am happy.

Funny cartoon animal modeling ~

step by step, step by step, step by step... move forward.......

A gentle press will make a sound ~

BIU ~ BIU ~ BIU ~ with fun, I am not alone even if Ma Ma is not here ~ ~

cute little monkey style

cute deer ~

guess whether it's a crocodile or a frog ~

the fabric is strong and bite-resistant Abrasion Resistant ~ it will sound when you press it gently ~

such a funny toy, I haven't bought one yet ~ ~ ~


cute pattern, cute shape, baby will love it ~

the fabric is healthy, soft to the touch, and the taste is also good ~ are the babies unbearable ~

the sewing thread is neat and durable ~

buy it if you like it ~ it's a good toy for pet to relieve boredom and play ~

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